Parrtjima – A Festival in Light

Parrtjima Skirt

More Alice Springs!  In today’s entry I choose personal entertainment over environmental integrity.

When I landed in Alice Springs I saw a poster in the airport for Parrtjima – A Festival in Light. It was a limited-time only desert light installation.  I thought how convenient it is running the exact time I am here!  During my walking tour I asked my guide if she had been.  She said not yet and that she had mixed thoughts about it because it was disturbing the wildlife in the area.

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Alice Springs Reptile Center

Terry the Saltwater Crocodile

Terry the Saltwater Crocodile

And we’re back in Alice Springs when I first landed in Australia!

Since I had some free time I decided to visit the Alice Springs Reptile Center, a small-ish center with a number of snakes and lizards.  I walked around it trying to memorize the appearance of all the poisonous snakes as if synthesizing this information could save me in the future, but they were so numerous! I concluded immediately sprinting from any living creature in Australia is my best option.

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Spiders Have I (Not) Loved

I'm not opening with a picture of a spider

I’m not opening this with a picture of a spider

There is a spider that lives in my kitchen window named Barry.  When I first saw him I didn’t immediately form a bond and bestow him a name.  It was more of a slow growth as every morning I walk into the kitchen and immediately locate Barry, because if Barry is still behind the window glass that means he’s not anywhere he can get to me.  So our relationship really grew out of familiarity.  I like to walk in and remark things like:

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Post Trump Day One

Prince Henry Cliff Walk Stairs

As of writing we are now at T + 3, three days after my country elected Donald Trump as its 45th President.


On T-T, Trump Day itself, I watched the election on Australian TV. My French and Estonian roommates occasionally popped in as I attempted my best explanation of the Electoral College and why Trump appealed to people. Finally baffled I had to google why do we have the Electoral College?

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Wrapping Up the First Week of Work

Me as a Hummingbird

I don’t have any pictures of me at work, so please enjoy this picture of me as a Hummingbird

Surprise! It turns out doing housekeeping is quite physically demanding.  To make myself feel better I started casually referring to my job as Crossfit: Hotel.  I think carrying massive piles of dirty linens up and down stairs was featured in last year’s Crossfit games, no?

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I Moved to Australia!

Outback Road Australia

I moved to Australia and got a job! I have been in Australia for one month now, but it feels like an eternity. I have aged in four weeks much the way presidents age at a faster rate than the public over their term. If Obama had shared a hostel room with an incontinent, 70 year old European he would actually look worse than four years of a Republican congress.

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