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Living at Home: Springtime Happenings Edition

Springtime Happenings Geese with Babies

My parents with their four kids. The babies are eating, which is exactly what my parent’s four kids are probably doing right now.

As part of my mid-life travel crisis I decided to extend my stay at home throughout the summer because my parents recently(ish) moved to Cape Cod.  For the uninitiated, Cape Cod is a beachy, lovely area of Massachusetts that is very quiet in the winter, but comes alive in the summer.  It’s the reason we barely refrain from murdering each other over parking spaces in the Winter.

It is an hour and a half outside of Boston, which in Massachusetts time/distance is basically a 3 day wagon train to civilization.  Thus, visiting friends is a commitment.  That is why outside of the occasional long journey, I now exclusively force my parents to hang out with me.   So the following is a chronicle of last week’s delightful social calendar.

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Spectacular, Unparalleled Advice for Being a Bridesmaid


In honor of Wedding Season being upon us I put together my best bridesmaid advice.  I’ve been involved in a few weddings and often wondered was there actually a point to being in all these weddings if I couldn’t make a listicle out of it?  Love, friendship, happiness, memories etc. my friends replied!  Listicle only, I declared! So behold my 9 Tips Spectacular, Unparalleled Advice for Being a Bridesmaid.

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