Leap and the Net will appear sort of

Welcome! My name is Rachel. I’m from Massachusetts and I am currently in Australia on the Work and Holiday visa. I spend my days trying to avoid spiders, waiting for my Mom in the US to wake up so I can text her, and eating my way through various Australian candies that aren’t commercially available in the US.

My visa is only good for one year so obviously I have not always been an intrepid Outback Australian Explorer (read–looking for free wifi in cafes) I have done a few years in a cubicle. Some of the cubicles had access to windows, some did not, but they were all gray.

I also broke up office existence by teaching English in Sevilla for one year. Presently, I have quit my most recent office job to travel to Australia not really knowing what I’ll do when its over. To avoid thinking about it I just check Twitter. I think it’s working…

In lovely Sevilla

In lovely Sevilla

Me looking at my iphone while surrounded by a church

A Focused and Present Traveler