Bits and Pieces from Australia

Damn you John Oliver!

Damn you John Oliver!

Just some small updates from life as a breakfast server/backpacker/housekeeper in Australia!


I went the bathroom last night and discovered this (yes that’s my shampoo).

Slug on Shampoo

But it’s like, where did he get in?  Was it through these tiles…


Or these tiles?



Or… oh wait, yeah, I found it.


It’s the demon tile with a gaping hole that I can only assume is a portal to Hades.  Located right in the center of the shower. Is this why I wasn’t asked to be on House Hunters International? Because of this tile!?!?!


Doug, you made my day!  Found this while housekeeping today and it was really sweet and extra nice to find when you’re simultaneously sweating profusely, yet also reek of bleach.  The world needs more of you Doug!




Spider anecdote means puppy gif!

My French roommate made a large amount of noise that he revealed the next day was him killing a gigantic spider in his room.  He then lamented that after you kill a spider you know the other spiders will be angry and come after you–

“especially the mother!”

These are they type of crazy spider related thoughts I thought only I had! But no…the suave French have them too!


Apparently Hannibal Lecter writes the fruit signs at Woolworth’s:

Banana Sign

It puts the lotion on its skin!


But Australia always wins me over in the end. Dark Chocolate Kit Kat! Get on board America!!


I excitedly told my brother about this and he was disgusted because he is basic and prefers milk chocolate.  So I was like “Imagine you lived in a world with only dark chocolate Kit Kats, and then one day you discovered the milk chocolate one you love so much–that is what is happening for me right now



*I know Hannibal doesn’t say “It puts the lotion on its skin” both deranged pop culture references apply!

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