Can this quiz guess your gender and income based solely on your apps?

Cell Phone with apps

The Washington Post created a quiz that guesses information about you based on which apps you have on your phone.  Being a consistent high-performer on Bejeweled 2 should tell people all they need to know, but I took the quiz anyways.

Researchers with Verto Analytics and the Qatar Computing Research Institute cross-referenced demographics and app usage of over 3,700 people and found by analyzing the data they could guess, with some accuracy, the demographics of people by which apps they have on their phone.

WaPo used the data to make a fun quiz to test on yourself: Take the Quiz  

Below I went through some of my answers and then referenced the original paper to try and get to the bottom of this.  How much can they tell about people who have Uber?  Apparently a lot.

Traits to Identify:

Marital Status
Income(Over or under $52,000/year)
Age (Over or Under 32)

Quiz Excerpt: Do you have…

No, I actually had this for fantasy football season and deleted it after.  It would have been a perfect way to trick this quiz into thinking that I’m a man, or at least not such a stereotypical woman.

Yes. OK so I’m basic, you caught me WaPo.

No. I assume this one determines income, marital status, or if you just like searching 5 bedrooms in Waco, TX while watching House Hunters.

Yes, of course. Uber lets you avoid all face to face interactions with the added bonus of skipping public transportation.  WHY WOULDN’T I HAVE THIS APP?

No. While I reluctantly exist on LinkedIn due to past job searches, I like to pretend it barely exists in my life.  And no– I don’t want to “check out” your new skill Dawn.

Fallout Shelter, Clash of Clans or Clash of Kings
No. These people are all single right?

Yes. Doesn’t everyone have Facebook? This predicts only that you aren’t strong enough to quit the cesspool that is your feed. I don’t believe the study measured such a quality.

Google Maps
Yes. If you don’t have Google Maps you are approximately 1,000 years old, and also lost right now.

Lookout Security & Antivirus
No. I’m worried because this sounds like something I should get…

OkCupid, Plenty of Fish or similar
No. If you do have these I would assume it predicts you are either single or a horrible life partner.


Single, Female who make over 52,000

Single:  Well Done WaPo, and I didn’t have Tinder or OK Cupid so I’m curious how you knew.

Younger than 32: Correct!

Makes more than $52,000/year:  Ooooo Child! “Finding Yourself” doesn’t pay $52,000/year.  However I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt because I did just quit a job; however, I made slightly under $52,000.   So apparently I just use my phone in a way that exudes wealth, or some may call “living outside their means”  To each their own.

Me looking at apps quiz

Me, looking at the study   Source

A Brief look at the Study

So I was curious what certain apps predicted and decided to read the paper the Washington Post referenced.   Some were obvious i.e. ESPN predicted male, Pinterest female, but others I was surprised by:

  • Having Snapchat was a very high predictor of being between ages 18-32, and also of being single.
  • Having an app called “Great Clips Online check-in” was a high predictor you were over 33
  • Clash of Clans was a high predictor of being male, but Clash of Kings was a predictor of being 18-32.  Both meant you would probably die alone.
  • Zillow was a predictor of being married, as was Deer Hunter 2014
  • Fitbit and LinkedIn were predictors you were in the higher income bracket.  This makes sense because Fitbits are expensive, and no one cares how many steps they’re getting under the age of 22.
  • Solitaire and Prize Claw 2 were indicators of being in the lower income bracket.  C’mon low income bracket! As a fellow member I think we can aim higher than Prize Claw 2.   And at least get FreeCell if you insist on having a card game.

In Conclusion: If you have Fitbit, LinkedIn and have never downloaded Prize Claw 2, then contact me and maybe there will be a Zillow download in our futures after all.


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