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Living at Home: Springtime Happenings Edition

Springtime Happenings Geese with Babies

My parents with their four kids. The babies are eating, which is exactly what my parent’s four kids are probably doing right now.

As part of my mid-life travel crisis I decided to extend my stay at home throughout the summer because my parents recently(ish) moved to Cape Cod.  For the uninitiated, Cape Cod is a beachy, lovely area of Massachusetts that is very quiet in the winter, but comes alive in the summer.  It’s the reason we barely refrain from murdering each other over parking spaces in the Winter.

It is an hour and a half outside of Boston, which in Massachusetts time/distance is basically a 3 day wagon train to civilization.  Thus, visiting friends is a commitment.  That is why outside of the occasional long journey, I now exclusively force my parents to hang out with me.   So the following is a chronicle of last week’s delightful social calendar.

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A Tale of Two (Strip) Clubs

Just cause he dances go-go it dont make him a ho no

This past weekend for a Bachelorette party I attended a Men in Motion show. Men in Motion is a male strip club in Boston and “ New England’s #1 Girl’s Night Out!”(not Modern Pastry?) While being quite an entertaining show in its own right, it struck me how comically different it was from the one traditional strip club I had been to.

So behold below a Tale of Two Cities Strip Clubs and the scholarly conclusions on gender theory that come with it.

By scholarly conclusions I mean anecdotally supported blog observations.

The First Club

Once upon a time, many jobs ago,  I was at a company bowling event and as the night wound down the higher-ups declared “let’s go to a strip club!”  Ignoring the H.R. nightmare that is, I began picturing a Foxwood’s commercial: Take a chance; make it happen Pop a cork, fingers snapping! In my head dollar bills were flying in the air, people were smiling, strippers and I were posing together; think of the social media opportunities!

“ Lets go” I announced.

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Can this quiz guess your gender and income based solely on your apps?

Cell Phone with apps

The Washington Post created a quiz that guesses information about you based on which apps you have on your phone.  Being a consistent high-performer on Bejeweled 2 should tell people all they need to know, but I took the quiz anyways.

Researchers with Verto Analytics and the Qatar Computing Research Institute cross-referenced demographics and app usage of over 3,700 people and found by analyzing the data they could guess, with some accuracy, the demographics of people by which apps they have on their phone.

WaPo used the data to make a fun quiz to test on yourself: Take the Quiz  

Below I went through some of my answers and then referenced the original paper to try and get to the bottom of this.  How much can they tell about people who have Uber?  Apparently a lot.

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