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True Life: I just started a weight loss blog, but my Mom is Italian

Large plate of cookies my Italian mother made

In between researching static front pages and meta descriptions I decided it was time to go make lunch and I walked right upon this pile of cookies lying in wait.  For the record my mom can’t eat these due to dietary issues, I think her life force just starts to dwindle if she hasn’t provided baked goods for public consumption in the last 48 hours.


Welcome.willkommen.bienvenido to this Blog!


Leap and the net will appear...or you will default on all your student loans. One or the other will happen

Welcome to my blog! I am starting this blog to write about travel, attempts at healthy eating and having passionate views on the personal development of fictional characters.

This is the type of blog that promotes attempts at healthy eating, risk taking, and traveling to escape the traditional 9 to 5.

However, there will be no judgement for:

  • Extensively researching whether Game of Thrones viewing is possible in your future travel destination
  • Further research into whether peanut butter is cheaply and abundantly available
  • Accidentally watching season 2 of American Horror Story when you should have been outside exploring Sevilla. (These things just happen!)
  • Winning back the family size Russell Stover’s you put into the work Christmas swap, and silently eating it in your bed.
  • Starting a weight loss blog and then not working out for the next 4 days

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