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Hiking the Blue Hills with Family

Hiking with Family

Preamble to the Hike
I agreed to go hiking when all great plans are made–at night, two days before you have to face the reality of the plans you made. I texted my cousin and we agreed in an effort to be healthy this Easter weekend we should do an early morning hike with her mom and our other Aunt.

While my cousin and I agreed to be in attendance, it was really my aunts leading the hike.  To paint a picture– my aunts are both from Boston, both nurses and both the most in shape people in a family that includes at least 13 different 20-somethings. In fact, the hike was pushed to 9 a.m. because one of them wanted to get in some early morning lap swimming as a warm-up to our death march.

Hiking with my Aunts carries some cache; if you mention to other family members “I went hiking with Mary and Patty” their eyes get wide in recognition of the weight of this statement.   They go back to a distant memory of a time for Mother’s Day or Christmas they agreed to such a thing, and you can see they are happy to be inside, in the comfort of the couch, and thinking better you than me, my friend.

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So Yoqua is a Thing

A Guide to Yoqua

When I saw Yoqua on my gym schedule I thought it must be a typo, but upon googling I found it’s actually “the latest fusion concept from the USA!”  The last fusion concept I entertained was the cronut, and since that was an astounding success I expected good things from this Yoqua. It turns out it’s the slightly less delicious, but still nutritious, fusion of water and yoga.

With dreams of cronut fresh on my mind, I decided to check out a mid-day Yoqua class.  There was only one other person in the class to embark on the journey with me.  To paint a logistical picture– my fellow Yoqua-er and I stood in 4 feet of water near the edge of the pool and faced our instructor.  Let the Yoqua commence:

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