Everyone is Playing Pokémon Go Without Me

Why are all these Pokémon crying?

Is it because my Pokémon Go app won’t work?

When Your Pokémon Go App Won’t Work


Is it because everyone is playing Pokémon Go without me?

When Everyone is Playing Pokémon Go Without You


Is it because they’re tired of National Political Convention Coverage?

When You’re Tired of National Political Convention Coverage


Is it because Wiz Khalifa can hilariously time his Pokémon to hover over his drugs and you can’t even catch the Weedle two feet off the path?

When Wiz Khalifa Can Hilariously Time His Pokémon to Hover Over His Drugs and You Can’t Even Catch the Weedle Two Feet Off the Path


When your…wait why are there so many GIFs of Pokémon crying?


No really…


I’m getting upset…


Just let him have his ketchup…


This one’s only a baby…





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