Living at Home: Springtime Happenings Edition

Springtime Happenings Geese with Babies

My parents with their four kids. The babies are eating, which is exactly what my parent’s four kids are probably doing right now.

As part of my mid-life travel crisis I decided to extend my stay at home throughout the summer because my parents recently(ish) moved to Cape Cod.  For the uninitiated, Cape Cod is a beachy, lovely area of Massachusetts that is very quiet in the winter, but comes alive in the summer.  It’s the reason we barely refrain from murdering each other over parking spaces in the Winter.

It is an hour and a half outside of Boston, which in Massachusetts time/distance is basically a 3 day wagon train to civilization.  Thus, visiting friends is a commitment.  That is why outside of the occasional long journey, I now exclusively force my parents to hang out with me.   So the following is a chronicle of last week’s delightful social calendar.

Tuesday: Captain America

My mother, brother and  I saw Captain America: Civil War.  I came home and wrote a feverish paragraph about what poor decision making skills Iron Man has, and how he’s an ego-maniac in the hopes it could become some sort of blog entry.  Luckily for you dear readers it wasn’t remotely coherent enough to be an entry (and standards are low amirite!?lolol)  But if you have passionate views about how a 40-something billionaire with a weaponized suit should possess better communication and decision making skills, feel free to reach out.

Also if you too are concerned that the Winter Soldier has a heart of gold, but is still a brain washed serial killer with, I assume, 1940’s era views on women’s gender roles, but you still want to marry him, you can join my support group:  Buck-ling Down-When You’re Willing to Overlook the 65-Year Intermittent Killing Spree.

Wednesday: Provincetown

My mother and I had a day long outing to Provincetown.  That’s getting its own post, but here’s a sampling:

Me and Mom in Ptown

I bought a new camera that you can use your iPhone as a device to take the photo remotely and this was our attempt to figure it out.

Trying to figure out the camera

Saturday: Birdhouses

My mother and I went to a class to learn to paint birdhouses.  The birds in our area are going to have the most fab houses in all the land.  If you’re in the cape area, classes are offered through Robin’s Nest a delightful furniture store in South Yarmouth.

On Sunday I heard a turkey in our backyard gobbling and I knew it was 100% despair-gobbles because he couldn’t fit inside this house.

Birdhouse Before and after

Sunday: The Herring Run, Sunbird Kitchen and Local Radio

My mom, dad and I went to see the Herring Run where in the Spring the herring swim upstream to fulfill their biological destiny and mate.  On the ride there I got to regress back to childhood when your parents controlled the radio as my dad forced us to listen to a Cape Cod Town Selectmen debate complete with the following caller (Tom):

Host: “Tom are you with us?”


Host: “Tom are you there?”

The sounds of the radio show can be heard on Tom’s phone line

Host: “Tom you have to turn off the radio when you call in”

Tom ” Hi, can you hear me?”

Host: “Tom, we can hear you!”



At this point I cried and begged the radio to be changed but my dad wouldn’t.

The Herring Run itself was nice.

Do not Play with the herring

Herring Run

Don’t worry fish-brah, that’s my face when forced to exercise too

On second thought, I don't want kids_

After the Herring Run we went to the Sunbird Kitchen in Orleans.   In the summer they have a corresponding food truck, but this is the brick & mortar location.    Their motto is “Fresh seasonal fair & avian-inspired fodder for a hungry and curious flock”

Sunbird Collage
I went for the Bird Breakfast Sandwich which was composed of: Fried local farm egg, smoky slab bacon, sunbird citrus mayo and organic greens on grilled Pain d’Avignon ciabatta.

When the barista described it I was like “it’s ok, you had me at citrus mayo”.  The sandwich did not disappoint.

Breakfast bird sandwich

I followed up with a Swiss Cardamom Roll because whats the point of having a weight loss blog if you’re not going to continually have setbacks by eating pastries.   While eating this I debated whether it’s possible it had an entire stick of butter in it.

Sunbird Dessert Collage

Results inconclusive.

It’s nice to finally see spring weather though!



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