Twilight or Food Addiction?

Twilight or Food Addiction

Quiz Time:! Are these quotes from Stephenie Meyer’s illustrious tome the Twilight series or someone with a Food Addiction?


It makes me anxious to be away from


I honestly have no idea how to live


I love you more than anything in the world


They dont understand why I cant leave you alone


I go a little berserk



You are the most important thing to me now


About 3 things I was sure Twilight

Spoiler alert! They’re all from Twilight.  One could probably argue it is a book about a food addiction where the “food” is his girlfriend and the “addiction” is to healthy gender tropes for women in literature.  Jk. They do accurately capture my emotions regarding most desserts though.

  1. Charlie Swan, Stephenie Meyer’s New Moon
  2.  Edward, Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight
  3. I assume Edward, Stephenie Meyer’s New Moon
  4. Bella, Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight
  5. Edward, Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight
  6. Edward, Stephenie Meyer’s Eclipse
  7. Edward, Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight
  8. Bella, Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight

Quiz Time! Twilight Quotes or Food Addiction



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